Hayduke day 55

Day 55, 27.5 miles, hack canyon
I think I got kissed by a frog last night. Something wet landed on my face and then jumped off. Yuck! Otherwise the camp site was lovely. 
The walking is a bit easier this morning and it’s so pretty. The creek runs dry a little ways in and it’s such a weird eerie sight. Same canyon but super dry, it feels like a boulder graveyard. Sounds echo and are not drowned out by rushing water. 

To my surprise it’s starts running again a few miles later. Wet feet once again. I have lunch next to the stream and it’s lovely. Brenna and Nicole haven’t caught up and I don’t see them again. 

Now there are some horse trails to follow which makes the going a lot faster and I’m at the Hack Canyon turn off before I know it. There is some sort of trail through most of it. And there is a spring as well. Only thing is, my notes say it’s radio active so I better not drink that water. I wonder about the cows around here though. They are obviously drinking it, how does that affect them? And what does it do their milk or meat? Mmmm… 

Eventually I make it to a dirt road and a register. Cheetah is now a day ahead, he’s moving fast again. I push on so I’ll be close to my water cache at Hack reservoir and hopefully will make it to Colorado city before I’m out of food. Rations are getting pretty low. 

I find a bit of gravel to sleep on in the dark, and interesting place to sleep but it’ll do. 

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