Hayduke day 54

Day 54, 14 miles, shower bath springs
I start hiking around 5:30 am to hopefully beat the harsh sun getting over the ‘most tedious boulder field ever’ as it’s labeled on the map. The hiking is indeed slow over boulders but at least it’s not nerve wrecking. I actually expected worse after that description and the one in the guidebook. 

There is definitely something blooming in the canyon that I’m reacting to. I’m congested again like I was earlier in the canyon. I take some anti congestion medicine and it seems to be working. At least I seem to be breathing a little easier. 
While I’m careful not to trip and twist my ankle on the rocks I completely miss the snake who is curled up asleep on my path. I see him when I’m stepping over him. Eep! 
Brenna and Nicole catch up with less than a half mile of bouldering to go and we have lunch at the Kanab Rapids. It’ll be our last break at the Colorado River so I soak up the view. 

There is a big motor raft beached but nobody is around. I keep hoping for Pringles (I’ve heard it’s a rafting staple) but no such luck. Perhaps if we had waited ten more minutes for the boat man to return from his swimming hole we could have had some. He seemed really nice and asked us if we needed anything but by that time we were already in Kanab Canyon. Haha. 
Kanab Canyon is a beauty but it’s also slow going. We criss cross the creek many times and have to find our way around giant boulders. The water is warmer than the Colorado River and we go swimming. I’m finally hiking with others who like swimming! Woohooo!! It’s been cloudy all morning which has been great for our time along the Colorado but now it’s getting hotter so the swim is nice and refreshing. It’s so good that I do another quick dunk a while later. 

All the hiking today has been tough going but so beautiful! We end up at Showerbath Springs which is flowing well. The water is coming down from a giant overhang and ferns are abundant. It’s gorgeous. 
To get there there is one last obstacle. Brenna offers to get my pack so I can climb it. Without my pack I instead elect to wade around. The water is a little deeper than I anticipated however and I end up full on swimming around the giant boulder. Wheeee!!! A little chilly at the end of the day. 
Since I’m soaked already I pose for a picture underneath the shower bath springs. After the sun goes down the frogs go crazy and I’m currently listening to a very loud choir of frog songs. Yowza!

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