Hayduke day 56

Day 56, 22.5 miles, Maroney well, in a cow holding pen
It’s only a mile to the Hack reservoir where Haiku and Prana left me a water cache. I don’t have the exact way point but they gave me a description of the place as well. It’s funny because when I went to the bathroom a little earlier I randomly found Zach’s cache but for my own I have to look a little harder. I find it pretty quickly though and fill up my bottles. 
On my way past the reservoir I climb the little hill and see that there is water in there and some birds too. That makes sense since there are also a bunch of cows around. 
I admire the clouds and the small hills, it makes for a pretty picture. 

At the turn of the road I meet a guy who spent the night there in his RV. He has a jeep behind it which he drove through Hack Canyon yesterday. That must have been a fun drive as I enjoyed walking it. We chat for a bit and I ask him if he will take my trash. It’s a pretty big ziploc full this time so I’m happy when he accepts it. 
Full with water but without my trash I continue on my road walk. I climb onto a plateau and it’s super windy. I’m able to call Greenleaf for a bit which is always fun but the wind is making it chilly. 
I continue with my gloves on and barely take them off all day. The views are really cool but the wind is sucking the energy out of me. Never a dull moment on this trail. Haha. 

The route splits off to walk through a wash and I find my way down to it. It’s slightly less windy in there and it’s good to have a change of scenery again. During my early lunch I luckily figure out a way how to fix my headphones. Only one side was giving me consistent sound which just isn’t as good as stereo. I twist and tape the cord and now both sides work again. Hurray! This will drown out the wind noise much better!
The wash walk turns really pretty, it narrows and there is a lot of alkaline water residue on the ground. This means the ground is super white. With the cloudy sky and the orange mud hills it makes for an interesting scene.

I rejoin the road and find myself at Yellowstone spring. In my notes it says it’s piped and fenced just a little to the right from the yucky metal tank next to the trail. I explore and indeed there is. It’s flowing well and I camel up a bit. I’m still carrying lots of water from the cache but more wont hurt. Or will it? My shoulders are pretty sore. 
I climb some more and am surrounded by small trees and cool cliffs in the distance. This section is much prettier than I expected. 

It’s still super windy and I’m glad I have my music to drown out the sound. I’m down to my last snacks now and finally eat my nut mix while I’m chatting with Burrito via Whatsapp. Having cell reception on trail can be a fun diversion. 
Back on the road I start thinking about my camping options. It’s not looking very good around me. Super windy and no protection anywhere. It looks like the Maroney well might have some fencing or other to provide a bit of shelter. I check it out and am now in a small cow pen next to a metal windmill. It’s turning but I’ll put ear plugs in tonight and will hopefully sleep through the noise. 

There are no cows here currently but the birds love it here. I push some of the cow turds away and spread my plastic sheet out to put my pad on. Not the most luxurious sleeping accommodations but it works and I find it kind of funny. 
My phone keeps switching from the Arizona time zone to the Utah time zone and back which is tripping me up in how much daylight I have left. 
I’ve got about 11 miles left to the store and have one granola bar, one tuna pack and some nuts to eat. Luckily it’s mostly highway walking so it should go quickly tomorrow. 

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