Day 24, 20 miles, Crestview

Day 24, 20 miles, Crestview.
Today is soooo nice. 

The trail is good, the scenery is good, the water sources are beautifully clear flowing over white sand. 

There are some planes flying overhead but the highway is further away so we don’t hear that noise anymore. 
We have lunch at Walton pond, a beautiful spot. We see two hunters driving by but nobody else there. I’m a little out of it today. I mentioned having hot coffee at lunch and Greenleaf is all ready to make it for me but neither of us has unflavored water so then he dumps in some Nuun flavored water before I realize I could have just walked a few feet to get water from the pond. Duh! 

And later I’m a bit concerned about being dehydrated because my pee is yellow and then I realize I’m wearing my brown tinted sunglasses. Not too bright! 
The miles go quickly and we soon arrive at yet another highway to walk. Luckily this one isn’t too bad. There is a big grassy area next to the highway and it’s not sloped so we mostly just walk that. I think some motor cyclists ask GL where his shirt is, like he cares haha. When it’s hot the shirt comes off and it doesn’t go back on until we’re truly in town. And here I am with my bandanna tucked in my sternum strap covering my décolleté (also because the sternum strap clasp is irritating but that’s besides the point). 
Where both a little fried when we get to the Econolodge and just rest before we go to the Asian buffet next door. GL was really looking forward to that. I’m more looking forward to going to the Panera next door in the morning. 

This being in a motel room every other night feels kind of stupid but I must admit that the bed is comfy (and Defuniak springs definitely wasn’t planned). 
We’ve booked a campsite at the Fort Pickens campground at the end of our trip now we’re just hoping that winter weather won’t mess up our flight plans. If all goes well we only have four hiking days left. 

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