Day 23, 20 miles, red deer camp

Day 23, 20 miles, red deer camp
Greenleaf is having motivational issues this morning but finally gets over it and packs up. Unfortunately we now don’t have enough time left to go to breakfast at the Waffle House and still make our miles to the designated campsite. Besides, breakfast would have been .6 miles out of our way so even if we had gone that would have been 1.2 extra miles for the day, a bit much I might say. 
The map that showed the trail sections in Eglin open turns out to be the correct and most recent one. I called the guard to confirm and she was still looking at the old map initially and told me to walk around but when I told her there was another version of the map she refreshed hers and voila!

 Thus reassured we set out to road walk to the Alaqua trailhead. We dodge some barking dogs but otherwise it’s not a bad walk. The trailhead looks lovely for a lunch break and it has a kiosk where we have to sign in. 
It turns out the trail is awesome all the way to our campsite. The hiking is easy and fast, the forest is pretty and there are beautiful clear streams. We’re loving it! What a difference from yesterday! Even the weather is perfect. A little colder but sunny with blue skies. Along the way we pass the highest point in the Florida Trail and we even hike some ups and downs. This is great! 
Red deer campsite is sweet. The only down side to today is the proximity of I-10 but we have music on to drown the noise out. We’ll take a day like this anytime!

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