Day 25, 23.7 miles

Day 25, 23.7 miles, random campsite on old road
Our first stop in the morning is Panera bread. We get sandwiches to go for lunch and I finally get my much craved latte. While sipping my latte we make our way to downtown Crestview. We’re planning on having breakfast at the Waffle House but when we walk by a local place and see people go in we follow. 

After breakfast we continue on along US 90 which I was dreading. It turns out not to be a big deal. It’s not that busy on Saturday morning and there is a big flat grassy berm we can walk on. There are also a few stretches of dirt track paralleling the highway which make for pleasant walking. Along the way a homeless person points out to us that they’re handing out free food across the street. He’s carrying a few bags full. We thank him for the tip. I guess we must look worse than we think. 

While we are fending off some of the many barking dogs (these guys actually left their yard), a truck pulls over and offers us drinks and snacks. We feel pretty lame when we say we’re trying to cut back on the sugary snacks but we appreciate a cold drink. It’s Grip (I think), a fellow long distance hiker. He tells us he hiked about 600 miles of the Florida trail as well and couldn’t see how someone could enjoy it. Yep. It’s not easy. 
The miles go quickly and before we know it we are in Holt which has two diners and a small store. We decide to try out Susan’s restaurant and have some delicious mullet again. I guess we’ll save our Panera sandwiches for dinner. 
We’re finally off US 90 but still on roads, there is less and less traffic but more and more dogs. One place was selling puppies and had a bunch of the older ones just roaming around. They barked at us and followed us down the road for a bit. A little further down there is the lone non barking dog who just wants to say hi and sniff us. It’s a sweet doggie and it gets all sad when I yell at him to go home. I’m just afraid he’ll dart in the road and don’t want him to get hurt. 

Soon after the road turns to dirt we turn to trail again. There is a section next to some swamp but the water level is low enough to keep dry feet. It’s a weird bit of trail. Some of it is burnt, most of it is messy with lots of twigs and thorns and things to trip over. There are also a few boggy areas and some even messier areas. It reminds me of some of the crap trail of New Zealand. 

There are several streams and while I pose for GL on a mostly rotten log bridge I see a snake in the water. Yuck! 

We’re very annoyed by the crap trail and when we get to a stream without a bridge GL loses it. The stream is beautiful with a nice white sandy bottom but his patience with the trail has run out. We ford and he throws a tantrum. The tantrum is followed by venting via silly songs and soon he feels better again. 

We get to a more open area and the sky is beautiful, I love it. 

We’re losing light quickly and when we see a decent campsite we decide we’ve had enough for the day. 

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