Day 19, 24.6 miles Econfina forest

Day 19, 24.6 miles, flat spot in oak hammock.
Last night must have been the coldest night so far. We see some frost and our tent is soaking with condensation again. Brrr!
Wearing all of our layers we head out to the road again. The sunrise is pretty but otherwise it’s pretty boring. There is lots of trash on the side of the road and a gazillion barking dogs. It’s always fun when they leave their yard and chase you. 

Thank goodness we have some music to listen to and traffic isn’t too bad. 
Eight miles later we make a small detour to the Dollar General. We have an early lunch with all kinds of random things with too much sugar and cheese. A lady excitedly asks us if we are traveling light and when we say yes she offers a big bar of Amish soap. We say that it’s too heavy but much appreciated. 
All hyper from the food and drinks we continue on the road for another three miles. Along the way I suggest we dry out the tent since it’s sunny and there is a bit of a breeze. We must have been an odd sight on the side of the road holding our tent up. 
At the trailhead we meet the section leader for this section of the trail and he and his friends ask if we need anything. We’re still carrying too much food and just stuffed our faces so unfortunately all we ask for is some water. 
We’re entering the Econfina segment and follow the Econfina River. It’s a beautiful section with quite a variety of vegetation. And some side streams have clear water! And the trail tread is great! We’re loving it! 

There are quite a few ups and downs which we’re no longer used to but we’re both wishing for more of this. 
Our campsite for the night is sweet. On nice pine duff underneath a big oak tree with frogs singing their songs. 

It was cold!!!

Apple bridge

The Econfina bluffs

Up hill!!

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