Day 18, 14 miles, side of the road
We have breakfast at Connie’s Kitchen. My pancake is delicious and the coffee pretty good. Downtown Blountstown has seen better days, it’s a little sad to see the empty store fronts. There are a few pawn shops and some restaurants but that seems to be about it. 
We head back to the stinky motel room and pack up. It’s challenging to find a spot for my bananas and Greenleaf has no room for his bag of popcorn so we bungy them to the outside of my pack. It’s looking good next to my shoes and insoles. 
We walk to the Pioneer settlement and sign up for a tour. The tour guide doesn’t know all that much about the place and doesn’t seem to have a special interest either. I guess it’s just a way to have a free place to stay for his retirement during the winter. 

“Well, I don’t know too much about this here, it is what it is. No more questions? Let’s move on to the next building”. 

We like all the historic stuff although most of the buildings are not as old as we thought they would be. 
The rest of the day we’re mostly just road walking. There is a surprise store at an intersection which we’re excited about eventhough we’re both carrying too much food already. I limit myself to one ice cream and GL buys some drinks. 
We do have about two miles of nice trail near the Chipola River. It’s lovely. 
Our next highlight is the Shelton’s corner store. It looked very old and not kept up much. GL ventured to the bathroom which required a key but had no toilet paper or soap. Also the lights were off in half the store so who knows what was hiding in there. I get a fizzy peach drink for fifty cents. 
We did some more road walking until we got tired of the barking dogs and cars. We hiked a bit in the dark but the road has no shoulder so that wasn’t much fun. Stepping off in daylight is no fun but being on slanted grass in the dark is even more annoying. 
We somehow found a nice place to camp in a woodsy stretch along the road. We still hear the cars but at least we don’t see them. 

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