Day 7, 18 miles

Cooper’s bluff, 18 miles
It’s Greenleaf’s birthday today and we start the day with some chocolates I packed in for him. I’ve also packed in a fun shirt for him and some little candles which fit nicely in the mini pecan pie I carried. Happy birthday Greenleaf!!

After that we pack up and are out by first light. The walking is easy and we continue to clean up debris from the trail. We dub ourselves the clean up crew and make up a silly song. 
We pass by some large sink holes and about 7 miles in we walk the short spur to the Alapaha campsite from which we can see the confluence of the Alapaha and Suwannee rivers. The Alapaha is very high and swift, must be the result of the storms. It’s pretty impressive to see big tree branches floating by. 
We see some hikers today. A father and son and a group of ten boys and two leaders. Otherwise there is nothing but turkeys, deer and squirrels on the trail. 
The miles go by quickly and we make a side trip to the Jay Veer store to buy some snacks and soda. You can also buy some fried chicken but the ice cream is more appealing to us. There are some locals talking at the picnic table next to us and we don’t understand a word they’re saying. It adds some southern flair to our break. 
We only have about a half a mile to walk to our planned campsite and get there around 4:15. We could have pushed further but this is nice spot with a picnic pavilion and we want to keep foot pain and blisters at bay for the upcoming road walking sections. Yet another afternoon of staring at the Suwannee River. It’s flowing a lot faster with more debris than it did yesterday. It’s like watching very slow tv haha. 

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