Day 6, 10 miles, Holton creek River camp

We pack up and after breakfast we call a cab to bring us back to the trail. County cab charges us $20 but is quick and efficient. We weren’t sure of our chances of getting picked up with the transients we’ve seen on the side of the road and I hate hitchhiking anyways. 

We’re back on trail at 10:30 and the hiking is going well. My foot feels better and GL’s blister is dried up. We have fun picking up the various dropped branches off the trail. We probably moved about a hundred smaller ones and a few big ones. The storm definitely did some damage. 
We see a white tailed deer running away and another armadillo, so cool. The barking dog in the morning was less cool but luckily it stayed on its’ side of the road. 
We’re along the Suwannee river again most of the day and it’s lovely. The miles are going by quickly. Around 2:30 we get to the Holton creek River camp and while we’re having lunch at their nice pavilion we decide this place is too nice to pass up. They have screened in cabins/shelters and there is no one here at the moment (and it’s free of charge!). So nice and peaceful. 
After a nap we go hunting for the large cypress tree which is near here. There is supposed to be a little trail to it but we never find it so bushwhack using the Florida trail app. The tree is about 14 feet across. The biggest we’ve ever seen. All day long we’ve been seeing old growth oaks as well. We’re loving it! 
Now we’re sitting on be dock near the river listening to the birds and fish. Sweet and peaceful. 

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