Hayduke day 52

Day 52, 23 miles
We’re hiking on and off in snow today. In the morning it’s easier to walk on since we don’t sink in at all. Later it gets a bit softer but we don’t have any serious postholing. There are numerous fallen trees over the road which we have to scramble over or crawl under. It doesn’t make for the fastest road walking ever. Springs are gushing and flooding the road, it’s pretty impressive. 

At one point Brenna spots another bison, I see a big brown mass moving and Nicole misses it altogether. I also see three big birds soaring up in the sky. 
I walk by myself in the morning and check out a lookout tower but unfortunately the cabin is locked and there isn’t too much of a view from the stairs. 

I catch up to Brenna and Nicole at their lunch break and we walk together the rest of the day. They’re great company. 

Nicole wishes for a fire ring at camp and we actually find one right around the time we want to stop hiking. Perfect! 
Brenna builds a small fire and we enjoy the warmth while having dinner. How sweet! 

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