Hayduke day 7

Day 7, 15 ish miles
My tent is completed zippered shut so I have a bit of condensation but it’s all frozen so not a big deal. I stayed warm all night and am cozy in the morning but the humidity and cold triggered my allergy and my eyes are supper puffy. Ugh. I look like a ninety year old and feel like one too. 

We’re on a 4WD track all day but only see a few dirt bikers and an ATV and it feels pretty remote. It’s kind of nice to just have some easy walking where the mind can take a break from the navigating and just zone out and take in the scenery. We all walk at our own pace and don’t necessarily stick together which is nice for a bit. I’m able to reach Greenleaf on the phone for a few minutes as well. His business is starting up so he’s too busy to miss me haha. 

We’re getting our water from the Colorado River for the first time this trip and it doesn’t look too bad. Lunch is nice in the sunshine, our solar collectors are humming. 
Today is so much more pleasant without the chilly wind we had yesterday. I’m in my summer dress all afternoon. And even Haiku is hiking without her long tights on. 
We’re making good miles but don’t push too much. We have enough food and Prana and Haiku are still breaking in their body not having hiked that much lately. Besides, stopping with some daylight left gives them some time to do some sewing chores while I’m making myself a cup of coffee using the coffee Haiku has donated to me this morning. It tasted so good, I just hope it doesn’t keep me awake. 

Another super nice day on the Hayduke!

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