Hayduke day 5

Day 5, 9? Miles
Our campsite was cozy but at some point a strong wind started blowing and disturbed our sleep. Pretty annoying. 

We start out following a dirt track but soon leave it to start our cross country adventure. Prana and Haiku have a track mapped out based on notes from Jamal, another hiker. I’m up for the adventure and follow along. They’re trying to navigate without use of GPS which takes more time and I try to refrain from checking my Gaia phone GPS app. If I do check I’m just waiting around already knowing the answer so it’s actually more fun not to check and join the challenge. 

Some of the scrambling is a bit more challenging as well today and at one point we have to negotiate a small chimney. Haiku and I hand the packs down to Prana who’s already down below and then lower ourselves down. Haiku negotiates it perfectly while I need a little assistance. I haven’t done too much of this stuff yet so I welcome the practice. Later we notice an easier way down but it wasn’t obvious to us when we were still on the shelf.
We see several arches and other cool rock formations again and spend a lot of time on slick rock and fins. Pool arch is down below a steep drop off and does have some water, we don’t get down to it but a steep rappel would get you there if you wanted to and had the skills. 

The last section of the day was on a 4WD track in Pritchett canyon and while the scenery was beautiful the wind and sand made for a sand blasting experience which was not appreciated. 

When we find a decent sheltered spot for camping we call it good. 

The mileage is low for today mostly because of the route finding challenge but it was very cool to spend so much time trying to figure out a labyrinth of rocks walls, fins and hidden passage ways. 

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