Hayduke day 48

Day 48, 11.5 miles
I wake up at 4am and am on the trail soon after. The trail is good and the sunrise is amazing! I can’t stop snapping pictures. It goes from soft pretty light to blazing colors. I love it!!

It takes me a while to get up to the rim but when I hit the road I am cruising. It’s not all that busy, I have my cushy sandals on and even see three elk really close up. Why is it that I see most wildlife when I’m walking on roads? One of the elk casually saunters across the road not perturbed by the cars who stopped to take photos. I got some good ones on my camera. I’ll post them later. 
I love love the ponderosa pines and breathe deeply. At a picnic area I eat some food and am still amazed at how much I ate these past days. All that extra food it’s mostly gone! 
After about 9 miles of road walking I arrive at the south Kaibab trailhead and hop on the free shuttle bus to the village. Once at the village I watch a movie about the park and am basically overwhelmed for a while trying to figure out where to go. I eventually find a hiker site for $6 at the Mather campground and chat with some hikers there. And I eat lots of food. Obviously. 

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