Hayduke day 47

Day 47, 17 miles
I get up at 5am and am hiking at 5:30am. I’m trying to get some good miles in and then siesta in a nice shady spot. It’s so nice to hike in cool temperatures and I’m loving the scenery. Some of the tread is a little better too. 

At 10 I’m starving and I eat a lot at a nice beach in a shady spot. I would love to hang out here for hours but push on instead. The trail isn’t too bad but gets challenging near the mouth of Pagago creek. I have to scramble up and then there is an easy chimney to ascend. The only problem here is that I don’t quite fit with my pack on and get stuck. It’s rather funny. I take my pack off and it stays right there. Suspended. After taking the water bottles out of the side pockets I’m able to free it and put it back on. The next challenge is a steep crumbly gully. I’m not liking it. Slowly but surely I make my way down trying not to slip. Then there are some big boulders to hop and I’m free! At the next beach I take a two hour break and I start my hike up around 4pm. 

The tread is great for a while and I’m cruising. I’m loving it! I want to get as close as I can to the Grandview trail. I’ve finally made up my mind and I am walking the road to the South rim village tomorrow. I want out of the canyon, out of the sun and I’m ravenous! I can’t believe all the food I managed to eat on this stretch. I ate my entire pack of bacon today. Craziness! 

When it gets dark I’m rounding a big side canyon and the abyss next to me is dark. I’m just focusing on the lit part of trail ahead of me, have my headphones on and keep going. When I take the headphones out I hear a choir of frogs all looking for mates. So many!!! I hop Hance Creek and take the trail up to Grandview. 
Page spring is to the left and in my notes it says it has some arsenic in it. I get a liter just in case I need it but hope not to use it. 
The trail gets a bit more challenging closer to the junction with the Grandview trail but it’s fine. Some animal eyes reflect in my headlight as I approach the trail sign. Are they mules? It smells like them. 
I find a flat spot in some trees and call it home for the night. It’s 10:30pm or so and I want to get up early in the morning so there won’t be too much traffic on the road yet.

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