Hayduke trail day 42

Day 42, 28 miles
I get an early start again. Luckily it’s not freezing out this morning so things go a little smoother. As I’m walking along a car stops and offers me a ride. It looks like a shuttle service or adventure company and he’s going to Lee’s ferry. I tell him I’m walking. He thought maybe I just finished the Arizona trail. What a nice guy. I do take him up on his offer for some water and he hands me two half liter bottles. Score! 
A bit later another car stops, it’s the couple I’d been chatting with yesterday. I ask if they can take the two empty bottles and get some more water from them as well. 
The road is not in the best shape but it turns out it gets quite a bit of traffic. About a dozen four wheelers zoom by as well. In a lull between cars I see a snake trying to warm up on the road. It’s a pretty cloudy day so perfect for me but maybe not so for a snake. I hope he doesn’t get run over. 

A bit later I spot a privy and is that a picnic table? It is! It’s there because this is a site where you can spot the California condor population that’s been introduced here. Apparently they are doing well here and I see nine of them flying above the cliffs. How cool! 
I meet Aaron here, he’s a casual birder and has a nice telescope so I can check out the birds a little closer up. We chat while I have some early lunch and I manage to dump my trash on him and get some more water. I don’t know for sure when my next water will be so this is working out well for me. I’m replenishing whatever I’ve been drinking. 
After crossing highway 89 the map says there will be private property. I didn’t quite anticipate that this meant I was going to be trespassing. It sure looks like it since the gate is locked and I have to crawl underneath. I have no other choice at this point so just keep on walking. 
I do have to walk past a residence which I’m not too happy about but nothing happens and I move onto to the next road. This one is supposedly still on private property but at least I can open the gate easily so I feel a bit better walking it. 
The clouds have burnt off a bit by now and it’s getting hotter. The heat isn’t bothering me as much as the brighter sky. My eyes are starting to hurt. I put my darker glasses on but it doesn’t help that much. Eventually I give up and take a shade break. I lay my Z rest out and put my umbrella over my head. The little dark space does wonders for my head. 
I relax for a bit chatting with Greenleaf via the Inreach and typing a journal entry from a few days ago. All caught up and rested I continue on. 
In the end of the day I’m pretty tired. I’m carrying way too much food and my heavy pack combined with the many miles is taking it’s toll. I push on close til dark and have trouble finding a good camp site. In this area there are grasses and sage brush. I do a crappy set up and now have a noisy tent since it’s still breezy. I hope the ear plugs will drown out the flapping. 
Surprisingly I have decent cell service here so I chat with GL and update my online journal. It’s nice and warm in my tent and I’m surrounded by my food which I was planning to sort. I’m too tired to deal with that now so it’ll have to wait. 
I’m getting so close to the Grand Canyon it’s exciting! I might actually enter exactly on my permit dates! Wow!

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