Hayduke day 41

Day 41, 28 miles, house rock road
I pack up early, say bye to Prana and Haiku and am on the road around 7. It’s pretty darn cold and I’m happy when the sun starts warming me up. My water hose is frozen but slowly thaws out. 
The road walk is easy and leads to highway 89. I cross it and enter Buckskin wash. Getting to it entails getting around a fence, hanging on to it and carefully dropping down. The wash walking is pretty tedious, much like yesterday. I put my music on and just keep a steady pace. I try not to push too much with my feet because that’s just a waste of energy with the sand. Smaller steps works better. 
The canyon is rather pretty and I enjoy looking around. Too bad I have to pay attention to my feet so much. Haha. The wash can be pretty uneven and there are rocks, boulders, cow prints and mud puddles. 
Some of the benches above the wash are pretty and grassy. Perfect for lunch. After lunch I pick up a few cow paths and the walking goes faster. Yay!!!
I cross House Rock road and continue in Buckskin Gulch. This section is more popular because it has narrows. I sign the register and am confused on what sections you have to have to pay for. It’s not like I have $6 in cash anyways. Oh well. 
Haiku and Prana cashed water here and there is some for me too. I wander around a bit but finally find it. I still have some from last night so tank up and take two liters. 
The next stretch is pretty open and sunny. The rock formations are very interesting in color and shapes but I would love some shade. I get my wish when I enter the narrows. Coolness!!

I chat with a couple going the opposite direction and they are impressed with what I’m doing. Always fun. 

I turn at Wire pass which gets really narrow and chilly. Very cool! My pack barely fits through some of the narrow sections. There is a boulder scramble at the end which I’m not interested in so I backtrack and go up and around like most hikers seem to do. 
I take a break at the trailhead to finish up my potato chips and organize my trash. Then it’s on to find my last cache. Prana and Haiku cached this one for me but luckily I have the waypoint. I’m relieved to find it and super excited about the treats they added. The iced coffee drink is amazing!!! I have a ton of food and hope to make it all the way to the south rim with it. It’s a challenge to fit it all in my pack. 
It’s cooled off a lot and the moon is bright so I continue on for a couple more miles on the road. I’ve decided to walk the Kaibab plateau bypass since I’ve already seen the plateau with snow, which I assume there will be, and the bypass is shorter and hopefully easier. 

My heavy pack and I are now camped underneath a juniper surrounded by cow crap. 

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