Hayduke day 38

Day 38, 17 ish miles
I somehow sleep terribly but don’t feel too crappy in the morning. I have the complimentary breakfast in the lobby which isn’t great but it’s included so yay! 

I return to my room to finish packing and remember I need to put my new trekking pole tips on. Except I have no tools to do it. After some futile attempts I go back to the lobby and the receptionist is super nice and calls the maintenance guy for me. After a little while he shows up and is able to get the old tips off. Success!!!
After making some phone calls I’m finally ready at 10am. That’s an hour later than I had hoped. Oh well. 
The walk out of Tropic is on a smaller road which turns to dirt and eventually leads to a trailhead. Actual trail!! I’m so excited! 
Today has all the things I like. Good trail, ponderosa pine, the amazing hoodoos of Bryce, I love it. Yes, there are a gazillion others on the trail as well but with exception of the Queens Garden it doesn’t bother me too much. I enjoy the conversations I have with some of the other hikers and even run into the couple I had dinner with last night. The problem with Queens Garden was that I was going against the stream of people coming down and it was a total zoo. The other trails didn’t seem as bad. 
Instead of the suggested route on my map I took one trail over through the Queens Garden up per Buck 30’s suggestion. Then I walked the rim to Sunset or is it Sunrise point and took the Navajo trail down to the Peekaboo trail. The Wall Street section of the Navajo trail was closed but that wasn’t really made clear up at the top so there were some disappointed people hiking back up the same trail they came down. It didn’t matter to me as long one of the sides was open. I picked up the Peekaboo trail which I had never hiked before and it was excellent! Every turn had another great view. I took a gazillion photos today. It was all so pretty. 

At the end of my Peekaboo section I took a trail up to Bryce point and explored the amazing view point. Wow! 

I couldn’t do the mapped route to Bryce point since that section of the under the rim trail was closed but I really wanted to hike the Peekaboo trail anyways so it all worked out. 
I definitely stood out with my big backpack and several people asked me what I was doing which then allowed me to talk trail. One of my favorite things! 
At Bryce point I picked up the under the rim trail and it was sweet hiking all the way to my stealth camp site. I stopped at the first camp site along the way to have a snack and chatted some with the campers there. All the crowds were left behind at Bryce point and it was nice and quiet for the rest of the hike. 

I’m in a nice spot with ponderosa pines. Lovely!
I thoroughly enjoyed today!!! 
Hopefully the bears won’t cause any problems tonight. They closed Sheep creek campsite because of bear activity but that’s still one drainage away. 

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