Hayduke day 37

Day 37, 7.5 miles, Tropic
I wake up early and motivated to get to town before last night’s dog comes and chases me down. It’s nippy out and my toes are cold and slightly numb in my sandals. My poor feet are getting some abuse on this hike. 

I soon make it to Cannonville where the little store is warm and cozy. They serve a continental breakfast to their motel guests so there is some good seating. I get some hot coffee, a honey bun and a banana. And some great wifi which I use to book a room at the America’s Best motel in Tropic. According to the motel owner here business is picking up so I want to make sure to get a bed tonight. It’s a good thing I didn’t push for Cannonville last night since they were fully booked. Boy, would I have been disappointed! 
As I continue on to Tropic it warms up slightly and I can ditch the Frogg Togg rain suit. That’s always a good thing since it’s now full of Hello Kitty duct tape. 
There is some sort of two track on the side of the highway for part of the walk which is nice because there are quite a few big trucks blasting by and not a ton of shoulder. 
I’m excited when I get to town! First stop is the post office where I pick up my new shoes, Leki pole tips and my fleece jammies! Greenleaf has also put some Peeps and a very sweet note in the box. I miss him!!!
After mailing out the ill fitting shoes I head over to the coffee shop and get a latte and a pastry. It’s a nice place and I’m getting slightly self conscious about my filthy dress but not enough to pass on the goodies. My motel is just past there and luckily the receptionist is able to find me a room for early check in. Shower time it is!!! 

There is laundry right here too and I spend most of the afternoon updating my journal and uploading pictures in the laundry room since the wifi in my room doesn’t really work. Someone is supposed to come and fix it but that doesn’t help me now. It’s okay though because I get to chat with a nice English lady who is doing laundry too. 
I have lunch at Rustlers which is excellent. I recommend the seasoned fries. As I’m doing laundry while having lunch I am wearing my fleece jammies with my silk town dress. It’s a great look for sure. 
Dinner is at the pizza place which has just opened for the season and doesn’t have enough personal yet. There is a line waiting to get seated and I happily join. I’m not super hungry after my big lunch but I’ve been planning to go to the pizza place for days now so I can’t pass it up. Since I’m by myself I offer to a couple behind me to join me at my table and they happily agree. More fun for me and they get seated sooner. They are from England like my laundry room companion and are traveling around as well. We have a good conversation and dinner goes by quickly. The pizza is excellent by the way. 
Then it’s back to the motel where I hang out in the lobby to use the wifi. I chat with the owner who is working the reception now. We have a love for landscape photography in common. He’s just taken over the motel ownership and is spiffing up the place. I suddenly remember that I haven’t printed the Grand Canyon permit yet and he’s nice enough to do it for me. Sweet! A bit later the receptionist from earlier comes in to check on the boss and we all have some good banter going on. Yay for fun and laughter! 
I check on trail closures in Bryce and the Grand Canyon and hope the Grand Canyon one will be resolved when I get there. A rock slide apparently is blocking my route to Cottonwood camp. I think the Bryce ones don’t affect me but I still have to double check my map. Oh one of them actually does but I can roadwalk around. Or wait, I’ll just do the other alternate. Ha. Problem solved. I’ve already seen a lot of the rim trail anyways. This’ll be fun!
Somehow it’s already past midnight so I’m signing off for now. 
Ps my fleece jammies are so awesome!!

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