Hayduke day 34

Day 34, zero day in the tent
It started raining last night as was the forecast. It is supposed to continue raining heavily all day. My next section has me ford the Paria River a gazillion times (one hiker counted 95 fords) and I’m not sure if I should be doing that while so much rain is coming down. It does look like it’s a wide flood plain but still, I don’t want to risk it. 
Spending all day in my tent without a book to read is not something I’m looking forward to but hiking in the rain all day not knowing if it’s safe seems worse. 
Luckily I have my Inreach so I can message Greenleaf and my friends. Otherwise I listen to music, do some sewing and plan the rest of the hike. The latter needed to be done so at least that was useful. There is also some napping and eating. I have to be careful not to eat all the food in my pack, it’s tough. 
I did want a day off but this wasn’t how I had envisioned it. Lol! The rain stops just long enough for me to go to the ‘bathroom’ and to check out Cottonwood creek. It’s definitely flowing much faster and higher than last night. 

Another exciting day on the Hayduke!
Ps today’s scientific research has shown that my bladder holds about 500 ml of urine, don’t ask me how I know. 

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