Hayduke day 29

Day 29, 15? Miles, Navajo canyon
I wake up with a case of the ‘I don’t wanna’s’ but eventually start packing up. Zach apparently has a tough time getting up when it’s cold and when I’m ready to go he’s definitely not packed up yet. I wait a bit but then start walking. The first part is pretty easy and when I find a sunny spot I take a break to change into my shorts and have a snack thinking Zach will catch up soon. When I don’t see him yet I continue walking until I find a spot where some navigation is required. I see some tracks going way up and maybe some lower but am not sure. I find a sunny boulder to sit on and not too long after my hiking buddy shows up. We decide to go way up and we look ahead staying up high seems to be easier than going back into the bouldery canyon. Eventually we drop back down to the canyon floor and the going isn’t too bad. 
I thought Monday canyon was going to be bouldery like some of the trails in the White Mountains in NH but it wasn’t like that at all just a few to get around and a bit slow. Somehow I thought the next canyon, Rogers canyon, was going to be easy with a nice cattle path but we never found the nice cattle path. Every once in awhile a mediocre one but mostly we stayed in the canyon which was a bit muddy with some boulders to go around and annoying. At least there was some good water and a nice shade break. It got very hot today so that shade was very welcome. I was annoyed that Rogers canyon wasn’t easy as I expected and with the hot sun added to that I wasn’t having a good time. The scenery was pretty cool but very desolate and I wasn’t appreciating it. Grumpy Pie.

When we finally made it to Navajo Canyon it was still hot but at least the going was much easier, until we hit the muddy section and then the boulder field that is. Ugh. We had to climb up, over, and around giant boulders. It was wearing me out. Too many canyons, too many boulders!! I know Haiku and Prana are already planning more trips along the Hayduke because they love it, I’ll be lucky if I make it to the end! 
When we finally run out of boulders we enter a nice section of the canyon and then some very cool narrows. There are a few scrambles but they’re fun. A bit challenging but I manage to do them no problem. This gives me a morale boost. Somehow seeing the narrows, doing the scrambles combined with the cooler afternoon temperature and the fact that we’re almost out of this canyon lifts my mood and for the first time today I feel happy. Funny how that happens. I guess I don’t really like to be in deeper canyons for a long time. 

There are a bunch more canyons in this section and there is some bad weather coming in tomorrow afternoon hopefully it won’t be too yucky. 

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