Hayduke day 24

Day 24, 18 Miles. Near Hall Creek narrows. 
We spend the morning winding our way through the Lower Muley Twist canyon. The walking in the sandy or gravelly wash isn’t fast but there is lots to see along the way. The giant alcoves are especially impressive but I also enjoy the tall towering walls and the weathered sand stone walls. 

We have lunch at Muley Tanks which has a large seep filling up two giant potholes and a smaller clearer one at the top. The top one is nice for drinking water and the second one is great to get my laundry and shower water from. It’s nice to have enough water to rinse out some of my clothes, it’s been a while. Luckily it’s sunny again and not hailing like yesterday. The temperature changes are pretty crazy out here. 
Zach stays at the lunch spot a little longer to dry out some things and I head off to check out the Double Brim Arch. I’m following an open wash now and it’s gotten really hot. Ugh. It’s time to put the umbrella up. This wash is a little more wet than this mornings’ and the walking is a bit tedious. When I get close to the arch there is a cairned trail and it’s lovely. 
The little side canyon is shady and nice. Not having my pack on for a bit feels great. Unfortunately I don’t get all the way to the arch since there is a large pool and a big slab of slick rock with no handholds. Some people have piled some rocks so you could maybe get up the slick rock but the pile isn’t tall enough for me and I don’t feel like putting in the effort to build it up more. Getting to the arch isn’t that important to me. 
On my way back I meet two day hikers who are headed to the arch and will probably take the effort to get there but I head for a shady tree to wait for Zach. He shows up not too much later and we continue on. The afternoon has mostly trail and the miles fly by. It’s sweet to be able to walk full stride. It’s not as hot and there is a nice breeze, I love it! We’re camped about a mile away from the Halls Creek Narrows and according to the Inreach weather forecast there is a 10% chance of rain later in the day. Hopefully it will hold off until we’ve made our way through. I’m excited for the narrows but definitely don’t want to risk a flash flood. 

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