Hayduke trail day 00

Feb 26-28 caching
I fly out on Sunday morning. The flight is smooth, I organize my maps during my two hour layover and my luggage gets correctly transferred to the connecting flight. That’s always a plus. 
I find my shuttle bus to Saint George and it’s fully booked. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem except that I’m in the back row which has narrower seats and the guy next to me is spilling over quite a bit. He also talks my ear off but he does give me a mini bag of cookies so it’s not all bad. We’re snug as a bug for the two hour drive and are all very happy when we arrive. I realize that being able to move your limbs freely is quite nice. 
Haiku and Prana pick me up and after a bite to eat we stealth camp somewhere. 
The next morning we head over to their storage unit and I put my pre bought food into the Home Depot buckets they picked up for me. After some chores they pick up the rental car and we transfer our buckets to the vehicle. We also add about 20 gallons of water and the car is filled to the brim. 
We now start our road trip to our various cache sites and just the drive alone is beautiful. Some of the caches are done in the dark which I kind of like too since the scenery will be a surprise when we get there.
We’re caching all day on Tuesday, surviving dirt roads and rock scrambles. There is quite a bit of snow at the higher elevations. It’s beautiful but we’re hoping some of it will melt off. 
Lunch is at Stan’s in Hanksville, the fries and shakes are delicious. I like stopping here because it’s a resupply town and even if I’m not going here because we have the cache I now know what it looks like. And if I have a hankering for fries in Hanksville I could still decide to hitch in. 
We get to the Needles outpost around 7 pm and luck out. We were hoping to just leave a box there but weren’t sure about hours. It turns out they don’t open until tomorrow but the manager lives next door and he’s in the store getting ready. He’s super friendly and has no problem taking our boxes. 
Then it’s off to Arches where we do a water drop since the campground is closing tomorrow and the water is off. It turns out to be a late night but we got it all done! Woohooo!! We’re really starting tomorrow, we’re so excited! 

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