Hayduke Day 3

March 3, day 3, 14? Miles
Our campsite under the tree worked out well. I had the smart idea last night to put my neoprene socks on and my toes were nice and cozy. 
We pop back under the fence and walk along it for a bit. We hit some slick rock formation and climb up a bit to scout our route. We scramble a bit down and end up in a wash we can walk all the way to cross a 4WD track and then continue in the wash. There is some scrambling to get around some wet potholes but nothing too challenging. We love the different shapes and colors of the potholes and the wash. 

Eventually we end up in courthouse wash which is pretty cool. We bushwhack a little but mostly just decide to walk in the water since it’s warm enough out to not mind the chilly water. We marvel at our surroundings. Big walls, alcoves, cottonwood trees…

When it widens up our route finding isn’t as straightforward, we’re sometimes better off higher up on a shelf and sometimes in the lower wash and sometimes we’re making our way through branches and reeds. 

The water dries up for a bit but returns near the park road bridge. We fill our bottles but I’m still carrying quite a bit from our water cache. It hasn’t been all that hot until we hit noon so I don’t need as much as I thought. 

Past the park road we continue on in Courthouse wash but it narrows and changes character. It’s a lot more peaceful somehow. The little creek is small, although in spots there are big pools caused by beaver dams. Prana and Haiku are pretty good at one water crossing balancing on a skinny tree, I trudge through the water. It’s too bad because my shoes had just started drying out. We’re following a use trail now and it’s pretty sweet. We’re making good progress while craning our necks to check out the canyon walls. We discover some caves way high up and more alcoves and hanging gardens. 

We finally find a spot on a shelf above the creek and call it a night. We’re set up nicely for breakfast in town.

Today’s sound bites: 

Prana: “Why is there no Arch Nemesis in the park?
Haiku: “my arches hurt a bit”. 

Prana: “my zion hurts a bit, how are your canyonlands?”

Apple Pie:”Inappropriate!”


Apple Pie:”All. The. Water!”
Haiku:”What’s going on?”

Prana:”Marvin Gaye, “what’s going on?” or Four non Blondes “what’s going on?”. 
Apple Pie:” My pee is clear!”
Apple Pie:”I want to throw my camera in the canyon”. (Not happy with the new camera).
Haiku:”what are you having for dinner?”

Apple Pie:”something or other that’s in my food bag”. 

Side note: Apple Pie thought she bought crackers but instead bought whole wheat cookies. And all of the lunch and dinner options need crackers! Arghhh. Soft cheese without crackers, hummus without crackers, spinach and artichoke dip without crackers. Sigh. 

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