Hayduke day 15

Day 15, near Sundance trail 16-18?
The walk through Dark Canyon continues to criss cross the wash while at times climbing up and over small hills to short cut a bend. The climbs offer great views, the scenery is amazing. 

A little ways in I find a nice pothole and fill up. I take a cup shower (fill cup, pour over body) at a beautiful pool, it’s cold but feels so good.

 Soon the canyon narrows and the water is flowing through all the way. The water is deeper now and I’m now having to choose which side of the canyon to walk on. I’m on rock ledges and if I’m on the wrong side I might get ledged out, as in I can’t continue because there is a steep drop off. 

Luckily there are a bunch of foot prints and sometimes cairns which help lead the way. It’s still somewhat of a guessing game at times and the going is slow. Especially when the route is sandy. It is very beautiful and different and totally awesome but also tedious. I put some music on to distract my mind from the tediousness. 
I make it out to the start of the Sundance trail and fill up my water bottles for the climb tomorrow. Just as I’m starting to filter another hiker walks up. My only human of today! We chat a bit, he walked the Dark canyon out to the Colorado River and said it had some sketchy moments but was very cool. He came down the Sundance trail on his way in and said while it took him a while to get down it wasn’t as sketchy as what he did today. Well that’s good news at least. It’s going to be a tough climb in the morning!

The light in the evening is amazing!!!

And what a scenic camp spot!

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