Hayduke day 13

Day 13, 12 miles
I had set the alarm for the early start this morning. It’s still pretty dark out but we want to get started at first light. I’d rather sleep some more, last night was cold again and I didn’t sleep all that great. But I hear the noise of the cook pot in the distance so I better pack up. 
I don’t have much energy which sucks because I’m carrying about four liters of water and we have some uphill cross country to start with. We end up spending some time trying to figure out how to get out of the head of the canyon. We’re looking at a scramble out but deem it too sketchy. We backtrack a bit and find a safer way up. We soon make it to a pass where we have a good view of what’s up ahead. We’re now in sagebrush but also ponderosa pine. So sweet. 
There is some trail and wash walking and in one of the washes we find an awesome pothole filled with water. Woohooo! Now we can drink up as much as we want and fill back up for the rest of the trek to the next water. 

Next we’re looking for a 4WD track, we get a little confused but finally find it and enjoy some nice and easy walking with sweet views. 
The next cross country stretch takes us a while but is quite fun. There is nothing sketchy just finding a good way across to the next ridge. I’m loving the small pines. 

Near the end of it we end up a bit off course which turned out to be perfectly on course to check out the Native American ruins. I marvel at the craftsmanship. It’s a tower built by stacking stones and most of it is still standing. 

A steep trail leads us down to the canyon floor and more water! Haha. We were carrying so much all day and here’s another source. But it’s better to have too much than too little so we happily tank up some more and I carry some extra for hot cocoa tonight and tea tomorrow. 
We’re supposed to pick up another dirt road from here but it turns out to be more of a single lane cow path which fortunately works just as well. My legs get scratched up by the sage brush but otherwise it’s easy walking. We find some sweet grassy camp spots under some trees. I set up my tent so hopefully I’ll be warmer again tonight. 
We have a cross country climb up to 8000 ft in the morning. I bet we’ll see some snow. 

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