Hayduke day 10

Day 10, 11 miles ?
I had a hard time falling asleep so I listened to some best of the 80’s music on my MP3 player. I’m not listening to music as much during the day since we have to pay attention and there is so much to see and keep me interested. In the evenings in camp however I get a bit bored sometimes and it’s fun to listen to all the new stuff Greenleaf helped me put on the player. 
I’m a bit too warm with all my layers on but assume it will get cold again soon so just lay there being uncomfortable. Not too smart. Eventually I do delayer and fall asleep. Of course I do have to put layers back on when it does get colder. Ah, the troubles of sleeping outside. 
Anyways, we have a short walk down to a wash which we follow until we hit a fork and turn right doing some more wash walking. There is some disagreement on which wash to follow at some point but we somehow all make it to the 4WD road we were headed for. Then it’s an easy and scenic road walk to within a mile of the Needles outpost.

 A little before that we decide to eat lunch and I empty out my food back. I’ve been carrying two small packs of mayonnaise that I’ll never use up but don’t want to throw out so my last crackers are dipped in mayonnaise. Not the best thing I’ve ever eaten. 
The last mile to the outpost is cross country which isn’t too bad until we hit some prickly stuff near a wash we have to cross. It gets even more fun when we have to hop a fence with barbed wire and lots of prickly stuff around. But that’s soon forgotten since we are on the road to the outpost and get there within a minute. Woohooo!!
Our boxes are still there and the package Greenleaf sent me with some items I requested is there too. There is no ice cream yet and the showers are under repair but otherwise this is a sweet spot to rest up and buy some miscellaneous items. The person at the register is super nice and so are the people helping around. It’s a very pleasant stop with just enough cell service to get some basic stuff done ( too slow for Facebook or journal unfortunately). 

We would have stayed if the showers were operational and if there had been better phone service but at this point we had half a day’s rest and just decide to push on. 
About a mile and a half down some alternate route we find a sweet camp spot and call it good. 

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