Hayduke Day 1

March 1, Day one: 7 ish miles. Wash
We wake up early and go to the Wake and Bake cafe for breakfast. I enjoy my crepe with berries while Prana and Haiku enjoy the wifi and coffee (they’re still setting up their new phones). 

We do our final packing, mail some things out and make it to the rental car return at the airport at 11:30, a half an hour early woohoo! 

Haiku asks someone to take our picture at the airport sign and we’re off! We’re really doing it!!!

We walk along the highway on a dirt track and turn off at Klondike bluff road. The scenery is already beautiful. Snowy peaks in the distance and red rock close to us.

After lunch we’re on slick rock, we’re loving it! 

We head for Tower Arch and enjoy exploring the area. So. Much. Awesome. 

Okay, so I’ve made fun of another blogger for writing the “So. Much. Awesome.” but I have to eat my words. It really is so awesome here. Red rock, towers, arches, sandy washes, snowy peaks. Wow! 
We have fun taking pictures at Tower Arch and Haiku even hula hoops! Yes, she brought a foldable hula hoop. I have a feeling this is going to be a good trip. 

(Ps packing cups of apple sauce may not be the best idea I ever had, one of the covers tore and it wasn’t pretty, emergency clean up was required). 

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