Day 16, 26 miles, Camel Lake campground

Day 16, 26 miles, camel lake campground
This morning I’m still snoozing when I get kicked in the head by my beloved hiking partner. He had gone out to pee and crawled back into the tent without paying too much attention. I guess I’m awake now. 
The morning fog is making everything drip and our tent is wet from condensation. When we start walking our hair is covered in droplets. The fog makes everything look pretty magical. We don’t feel like adding more wetness to our morning and decide to walk around the first few miles of trail, the swamp forests between Hickory branch and Coxes branch. Maybe some other day. 
We pick up the trail at CR 67 and make quick miles, when we hit FR 107 we enjoy the easy walking so stay on it a bit longer cutting out about two miles. We have lunch at Vilas Campsite and it’s getting to be pretty hot now. We drape our wet tent on the sign and it dries quickly. The camp site isn’t much to look at and has no water, we’re glad we’re not staying the night there. 
We get on SR 65 to cross the New River and unfortunately have to get our water there. We feel pretty classy hanging out next to the highway filtering brown water. Did we go to college for this? 
Greenleaf has decided he prefers the road walking over getting his feet wet on the trail so we split up again. There are indeed some wet stretches on the trail but most of it is dry and it’s pretty. I’m enjoying it. At some point there is a narrow board walk which seems to go on for about a quarter mile. I love it! 
When I cross the road that GL was on there is a surprise waiting for me. A chocolate bar! He was here only 30 minutes before me, I’ve been moving fast! 
I follow in his footsteps for a bit staying on the road a little longer. It’s getting sandy and it’s fun to see his prints and an ‘I love U’. The last two miles I’m back on trail and it’s higher and dry. Some mosquitos are annoying me but otherwise this section is really enjoyable. 

Approaching the campsite I see our little tent set up. It’s a good thing I gave GL the stakes and pole. What a luxury! Even better, there are hot showers here and potable water! Woohoo!!

Foggy morning

Pines everywhere

Looong board walk section

GL left me a message

View from our tent

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