Day 14, 24 miles

Day 14, Sopchoppy river campsite, approx 24 miles
We are packed up and ready to go before the sun comes up. This is great except that we can’t see where we need to go and we both have issues with our sense of direction this morning. I turn on the Florida trail app on my phone and discover we are moving away from the trail instead of towards it. Thank goodness for technology haha. 
Back on track we soon make it to the cathedral of palms. The tall palms are towering above us. Then it’s on to the Shephards Spring, morning fog on top of the water makes for a pretty scene. 
The bridge over Spring creek hasn’t been fixed yet so we have to take a reroute via roads. We’re a little bummed because Marsh Point looks like a cool place on the map and we’ll be missing that now. But we perk up when we find a food truck serving excellent fish meals only .1 from our reroute. Yum!! While we are eating another hiker shows up. His trail name is Bourbon and he’s headed in the opposite direction but we have a fun break together exchanging trail stories. Two hours later we finally start walking again. 
We’re back in mostly pine forest with palmettos. 

To my surprise there is some trail magic waiting for me near the trailhead at hwy 98. My friend Bag Lady passed by here on her bike trip about ten days ago and left us a can of peaches. We love it! 
The last few miles are pretty but we get a little frustrated when the trail keeps winding around and crossing the same dirt roads. I finally figure out that if I download the bike maps on the app most dirt roads are shown and we have a better idea of what we’re doing. At this point we just want to make some progress and actually prefer the dirt road. The trail is covered in pine needles and it makes for a slightly slippery walk tiring us out. We can see the same scenery from the dirt road so when we figure we can stay on it for a mile or so we do that. Getting back on the trail is a little tricky since the sun has set and the orange blazes are really hard to spot in the dark. We figure it out though and eventually make it to this campsite. We’re glad to be off our feet. 


Trail silliness

Be careful to stay on the trail

So many pine trees

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