Day 13, 11 miles

Day 13, 11 miles
We’re up early and breakfast isn’t served until 8:30 so we go shopping at Bo-Lynn’s, the local grocery store. There aren’t a lot of things to choose from but we can make it work until our next stop. Breakfast is decent.

We noticed there was a museum near the river yesterday and are interested in learning more about the local history. It turns out it’s at the location of the old fort there which was quite important. There is an excellent movie and some good displays. 
It was pretty cold this morning but now it’s close to noon and it’s warming up. We’ve been thinking about going kayaking on the Wakulla River for a while but the cold temperatures made us hesitant. Now that it’s warmer we call the outfitter and they have plenty of kayaks for rent. Yay! I’m excited. Greenleaf however is ready for a nap. Too bad, I know how that’s going to go. He’ll take a nap, won’t want to leave town and there goes the day. I’m not about to let that happen this time. 

Somehow lunch turns into ice cream but I do get Greenleaf to leave town with me. He follows me begrudgingly on the rail trail out of town and we’re off! 
About 4.5 miles later we arrive at the outfitters and we pick a tandem kayak. That way if GL doesn’t want to paddle we’ll still make progress haha. We don’t see any manatees but we do see about a hundred turtles. So cool! They’re sunning themselves on the logs sticking out of the water with the occasional bird perched next to them. 

When we’re at our turn around point my leisure trip is over and GL starts paddling hard, he’s ready to get off the water! 
We hike a few more miles and are now listening to the critters in the forest. 

The fort was located at the confluence of the Saint Marks and Wakulla rivers.

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