Day 12, St Marks, 15 miles

We spend all day hiking through the Saint Marks NWR and it’s beautiful! We’re on levees most of the time and it’s easy walking with vistas of palm trees, pines, grasslands and water. We even catch glimpses of the Apalachee bay in the distance. 

We spot lots of birds, a raccoon, six alligators and a couple of deer (the latter were in the woodlands). 
The last two miles were in denser pine forest with palmettos again and we suddenly came out to the St Marks river. Obviously we knew we were heading towards it but it was a bit more abrupt than we excepted. There we were in a not very obvious spot trying to hail a boat to get across. No boats were there and we were sinking into the mud. Time to take off the long johns and socks. Because even if a boat came our way we’d have to wade in the water til our knees. 
Luckily we soon hear a motor and the owner of the restaurant across the river is going out to fish. He’s kind enough to ferry us across. I inelegantly sling my leg up on the boat and he pulls me in. Success! 

Before we know it we’re having excellent lunch at his restaurant. 
We’re currently relaxing at the Magnolia bed and breakfast which had live jazz going on in the afternoon and our room has a jacuzzi! 

We weren’t planning on staying here initially but Greenleaf went through his backpack last night and discovered about 6 lbs of stuff he really doesn’t need to carry and he would love to mail this out tomorrow. He also discovered that he’s been carrying 5 heavy magazines that he thought he left behind somewhere. Maybe his next backpack should have less pockets? 
I guess he doesn’t really need to carry three nail clippers, two phone head sets, two water filters, sleeping meds, bag of coffee, cotton t-shirt (I gave him for his birthday), broken solar collector and 5 magazines. He still hasn’t passed backpacking 101. 
If you’re going to splurge this place is a good place to do it. They keep mentioning that the breakfast here is amazing. : )

Early morning views


Happy Pie and Greenleaf

The monkeys love it here

Alligator (sorry for the bad quality)

We’re wearing most of our layers in the morning 

We hitched from that yellow pole, not much going on there


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