Day 11, 17 miles

It was colder last night but we were still comfy and warm in our sleeping bags. Greenleaf’s bag is a bit older and doesn’t have as much fluff left so he was wearing many layers. It was a good look, especially with the board shorts he bought at the Dollar store in White Springs. 

I don’t feel like getting up. Big changes in temperature/humidity sometimes trigger some sort of an allergic reaction where my eyes swell and I feel very groggy. Indeed this morning the bags under my eyes are swollen and I have no energy. Luckily the hiking isn’t too difficult. It is less smooth than yesterday but we can manage the few blowdowns and twigs. I’m not saying we don’t complain but we manage. 
The sink holes are a little less scenic to us than the flowing river yesterday. The river basically appears and disappears but it’s a lot more of a static view. 
When we get to the trailhead there are three guys getting ready to section hike the stretch we just did and they offer us water and some almonds. Sweet! Water that isn’t brown (from the tannin in the river water) is fabulous! 
We now have a few miles of roadwalking to the JR store for resupply. The last two aren’t much fun along a high speed highway but the thought of hot snacks keeps us going. It’s still pretty chilly and I even have my thin mittens on. The grill isn’t open but they have some hot coffee from the morning and microwave snacks. Greenleaf finds a microwave burrito and I find a breakfast sandwich to heat up. There are two comfy chairs inside and we’re able to charge our phones (our solar panel died a few days ago). There is even a sweet doggy to keep us company. 
After about two hours we continue on and we’re now camped underneath palm trees with nearby swamp. A very cool area. 
It never did warm up very much and we’re taking it easy laying in our sleeping bags after an early stop. We’re planning to push through the Saint Mark’s Wildlife reserve tomorrow. 

The bluff where our tent was set up

Resupply at JR’s store

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