Day 10, Aucilla River camp, 22.5 miles

After a good nights’ sleep we pack up bright and early again and are on the road at first light (7 am). The road walk isn’t bad and there is a pretty sky with lots of small clouds. 

We’re on dirt road for most of the morning and there isn’t a lot of traffic but we do make way for the trucks driving by since it’s not quite two lane width. 

On one of the paved sections we find a dead otter, it must have just gotten hit in the head, it’s still beautiful looking. Greenleaf uses his trekking poles to move it off the road and save it from being squashed. 

We pass by many horses and cows and even a soda machine randomly on the side of the road in front of a house. Our dollar bills don’t work but it takes our coins. Success! Happily drinking a soda at 9 am. Haha.

We’re moving quickly and after 15 miles we’re off the road. The road walking turned out not to be too bad since the temperatures were cool and our feet didn’t hurt but it’s so nice to be on trail again. And what a beautiful section this turns out to be! Fun trail next to the Aucilla River which turns out to have some small rapids. We luck out and see a group of kayakers (and one canoe) passing through them. The guy in the canoe pulls over to us and offers us beer and snacks. We don’t drink alcohol but happily accept two apples. Yum! 

A little further along there are even bigger rapids and we see the group again. How fun! 

We’re really enjoying the hiking here. The river is smaller and the trail feels wilder than along the Suwannee. This might be our favorite section yet. 

We’re now camped on a small bluff along the river. The official camping is below but it’s supposed to get cold tonight so we’d rather not be in the ditch. This spot had just enough room for our tent. The sound of the water below is very sweet. 

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