Day 9, 23 miles

Our campsite was warm last night. We both feel kind of sticky and yucky. I had this dream last night where someone thought it was funny to give me two toys which made the noise of someone snoring. I was able to disable one of them but no matter how many wires I pulled on the other it wouldn’t stop making the noise. That’s when I woke up to my husband snoring. Hahaha.
Today is all road walking. We start out on a paved one which soon turns to dirt. We prefer dirt since it’s softer on the feet. Some of it is pretty with large oaks with overhanging branches over the road. 
Our first water source is at a church. After filling up, Greenleaf checks the radar on his phone and sees that we’ll have some rain come through. We don’t expect it to be too much but put our rain covers on our packs anyways. It takes Greenleaf a while to find his and that works in our favor since it’s suddenly coming down in sheets. We would have been soaked on the road! As it is we are still comfortable and dry at the entrance way of the church in a little alcove in front of the doors. Such lucky timing! 

After the rain passes we move on and turn into a paved and busier road. We’re happy when we leave this one for a quieter one. 
We pass by two produce stands but neither are in season. We are a bit bummed about that but you can’t have everything I guess. 

Lunch is at another church and I joke that we’re hiking the Camino de Santiago now since our next water source will be at a church as well. That one is our dinner spot. 

After our break there we pass by a waste disposal site and we are able to get rid of our trash, always a good thing. 

We’re soon on a dirt road again and our feet are thankful. There are lots of peepers and frogs making music. Thank goodness we have earplugs. 

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