Day 4, Live Oak, 15.5 miles

We get started at 7am since we have about 25 miles to do if we want to make it to Holton Creek River camp. There is rain in the forecast so it would be nice if we could make it there. 

We’re hiking along the river again all day. It’s a beautiful walk with nice forest sections and river views. We see several fluffy white tailed deer, red cardinals, turkey vultures, and an armadillo today. With yesterday’s snake and turtle (forgot to mention that one earlier) we have seen a lot of cool animals so far. Oh and there was a little lizard in the shower last night. 

At some point in the morning the left side of my left foot starts to hurt, I tighten my shoe some more and it helps a bit but it still hurts. After a long break at lunch it feels much better but several miles later the pain is back. I’m not happy about that. 

At this point I don’t want to push through and make it worse so we start looking at alternate plans for the night. Camping out doesn’t sound great with the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow so we decide to try our luck hitching into Live Oak for a motel room. We usually don’t fret too much about rain but it sounds like this is going to be bad. 

Luckily we get a hitch just as it’s starting to rain and now we’re dry in a motel room. It was yucky hot and humid all day and now there is torrential rain outside so I’m glad we made the decision to pull off. I’m thinking we’ll take tomorrow off, let the foot rest and the weather pass. 

Armadillo sighting

The river is so low we see a lot of lime stone. It’s pretty cool.

Ideal lunch break at a small trail side gazebo

Who says the Florida trail is flat? 

So pretty 

Who says the Florida trail is flat?

Swift creek

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