Day 3, Suwannee River, 16 miles

We’re so comfy in the morning but still manage to pack up and leave this sweet spot. 

Today we finally get to hike along the Suwannee river. It’s taken us three years but here we are! And the water level is a lot lower than three years ago so we might even keep dry feet (well at least until Saturday when it’s supposed to rain).

We’re basically along the river the entire day and it’s great! Lovely trail and cool views. The water is indeed low so we see lots of lime stone but there are still some tiny rapids. Rapids in Florida? Why yes, there is even a class III rapid upstream sometimes. 

It’s pretty warm for this early in the year so it’s no surprise when we find a rattle snake sunning on the trail. Actually that’s a lie, I’m totally surprised and jump and scream when I happen upon it. 

Soon after, we arrive in White Springs where we have lunch at Fat Belly’s restaurant. Our fat bellies felt right at home. The catfish was delicious. 

Greenleaf got some fuel at the hardware store and off we went to the Dollar store for resupply. We killed some time there repacking our bags and chatting with various locals. 

Finally we’re walking on again when a lady at the B&B offers us something cold to drink. We had just indulged in some giant iced teas so unfortunately we have to decline. This is the third person in town asking if we need anything, it really makes a town experience so sweet. 

Still on the sidewalk we see someone walking in an orange shirt. We both joke that this must be a Florida Trail hiker. Then I see trekking poles. It is a hiker! Then we joke that it’s probably Stumpknocker. And it is! So random! We randomly ran into him on the trail in 2014, then in Baxter that summer and now here. We have a good laugh about it and chat some more.

Finally we make it out of town and follow the Suwannee again. Again a lovely walk with great views of the river. Around 6pm we’re near a road and a lady walks up asking us if we have a minute. Uh oh, are we in trouble? On the contrary, she offers us a shower and a place to hang out near the river. After figuring out that we can still make it to Holton camp tomorrow if we stop now we gladly take her up on the offer. The shower felt nice and now we’re sleeping out on the deck (the little shack was a bit musty). So far so good on the mosquitos. 

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