Day 2, Madison shelter, 22 miles

We wake up to drizzle and a soggy tent but it’s clearing up. 

After chatting some more with Bayou we make our way back to the trail and are back on track at 9:30. 

Today’s walk is beautiful through skinny pine forest with palmettos. Some are pine plantations, some old growth with some oak. 

The temperatures are pleasant and the trail is fairly dry, only a few puddles we can skirt around and a cool little cypress swamp with a boardwalk. 

We pass by two shelters along the way. The Osceola shelter which is nice but has no bug screen and the Madison shelter where we are now set up. The latter has screens and even has a fire place! There is a sweet babbling brook next door and a privy. The neighborhood dogs keep going off but hopefully they’ll calm down soon. 

Our last couple miles were on roads and it was interesting hiking these in the dark. We heard cows, sheep, dogs, peepers, and Spanish with the occasional bat flying around. 

We’re feeling pretty good. About a mile and a half before the shelter I got a little hotspot on my foot but I changed from  my sandals to my shoes and it’s feeling better now. 

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