Day One 

January 18th, Ocean Pond, 2.5 miles

We get picked up at the Jacksonville airport by a trail angel and are soon on our way to the Olustee battlefield. In 2014 we got off at Cobb Hunt camp and in true thru hiker fashion we don’t like to hike any extra miles so we make sure to get dropped off exactly where we got off. 

Our plan is to hike all the way to the Ocean pond campground. A whopping 2 1/2 miles away. It takes us about as much time to repack our bags (all the while wondering why we have so much stuff for a two day stretch) as it takes us to hike to the campground. 

We immediately get reacquainted with the orange blazes, FT emblems and wet feet. Memories from 2014 flood back. But this time we have sandals! Ha!

It’s great to see our friend Bayou again. He gave us a ride from this exact spot to Jacksonville last time and we catch him on his last day here. I’m so glad we did. We catch up while he offers us some of his last food. So sweet. 

It feels good to be back!

5 thoughts on “Day One 

  1. So awesome to hear that people fly into Jax and make a B-line to the Olustee Battle field!!! Since your post was dated January I am not sure if you were able to attend the Battle Reenactment last weekend, but if you weren’t check out my latest blog post that has some really cool pictures in it! Happy travels!

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