Gear list

-Granite Gear Blaze backpack

-z-rest sleeping pad

-montbell 10-20 degree down hugger

-Six moon design Lunar solo tent (single wall, sil nylon), some titanium stakes, some EMS J-stakes

-Sea to summit waterproof pack liner

-Two food bags, one of them an old Ursack, one sil nylon

-alcohol stove, 1 liter titanium cook pot wit pot cozy, home made pot stand (I forgot the windscreen), 1 small bottle of denatured alcohol, spork, tiny pocket knife, lighter, titanium cup

-Delorme Inreach communicator

-small first aid kit

-Petzl headlamp

-old mp3 player

-extra batteries

-1 liter platypus water bag with hose, 1 liter Nalgene bottle

Clothes: Sundress (some sort of nylon, quick drying), tight shorts (to prevent chafing), medium weight long johns, medium weight long sleeve, Patagonia wind jacket, EMS Goretex rain jacket (I’m disappointed with the quality), Marmot rain pants (old and crappy, now in the trash), two pairs of Injinji socks, one pair of comfy socks for sleeping, one turtle fur balaclava, one buff, one seamless lightweight bra, EMS convertible mitts, sun visor, dirty girl gaiters

One stuff sack for clothes, one stuff sack for first aid kit, extra batteries, sunglasses, pen and tiny notebook

Shoes: trail runners

Camera was borrowed from my husband because I didn’t want to take my SLR.

This gear kept me warm enough except for the last days’ early road walk.

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