Day 10: September 13, 2014

Start (approx.): 7 am             Camp (approx.): 12:30 am

4000 footers climbed: Wildcat D (10:30 am), Wildcat, Carter Dome (3 pm), South Carter, Middle Carter, Moriah (9 pm)

Miles hiked: 17.5 ?

Today is gloomy and uneventful but I have the company of my husband Rich (aka Greenleaf) which is always entertaining. The day starts out okay and we see one of the flags being raised on Wildcat which is pretty cool. After Carter Notch it turns into peasoup however so there are no views to be had on the ridge. It’s too bad because I rather enjoyed this hike in June. That is with the exception of the stupid rock slabs going down North Carter. They seem even worse this time around since they’re all wet. We’re both annoyed. It’s tempting to just stop at Imp shelter because it’s getting chilly too but I’m determined to summit Moriah and get off the ridge today. The weather and trail are less than ideal to be hiking in the dark but so be it. I want to be done with it! The 1.4 miles to Moriah seem to take forever and when we finally summit we get blasted off the peak, soooo cold! I manage to eat a snack at the summit junction but have to keep moving to keep myself from shivering.

diretissima 004  diretissima 009  diretissima 007diretissima 010  diretissima 012 diretissima 015  diretissima 020  diretissima 023

Going back down the exposed trail to turn onto the Stony Brook trail is challenging. The fog and darkness make us hunt for cairns and turns while at the same time we’re aware of being on a rock ledge with sheer drop offs. I’m definitely not enjoying this.

The Stony Brook trail is an unknown trail for both of us but it turns out to be pretty good. We manage to set up our two one person tents in a more or less flat area next to a stream crossing. They’re set up so we can wave at each other from our sleeping bags. : )

To make up for this dreary entry, here’s an example of what I make and sell to support my hiking addiction:


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