Day 1: September 4, 2014

Start at Glencliff Trailhead: 6:40 am.          Camp (approx.) : 12:00 am

Miles hiked: 19.5 (all with full pack)

4000 footers climbed: Moosilauke (9:30am), South Kinsman (8:30pm), North Kinsman

I did not have the best night’s sleep at the Jeffers Brook shelter because of the snoring and neo air noises from my shelter mate (I moved out of the shelter in the middle of the night) but I still got a good and early start. I packed up and about 3/4 mile later I was at the Glencliff trailhead. Of course the Monkeys wanted to come, I even got custody of Miles for this trip. ; )


The hike up is going well, I’m feeling strong and the pack doesn’t feel too heavy. I’m guessing it’s about 40lbs with food for about 10 days. The weather is good and once I get above treeline there is a nice view. I chat with two day hikers on the top and have my picture taken. I decide to take a picture of all the food I’m packing, it’s a lot!

FOOD:  10 ziplocs of mac and cheese/tortellini’s; 10 ziplocs each filled with two packs of Belvita breakfast cookies, two mini candy bars, a tuna pack, a granola bar, and breakfast cocoa powder. I’m also carrying two bags of potato chips, a pack of fully cooked bacon, 12 bagels, and two packs of the laughing cow’s cheese wedges.

diretissima 011 diretissima 016 diretissima 014

On the way up the pack weight seemed no problem but I underestimated the steepness of the Beaver Brook Trail. After getting water at the Beaver Brook shelter (and chatting with some flip flopping AT hikers), the trail goes very steeply down rock slabs adorned with wooden beams quite far apart for my short legs and heavy load. Every landing I can feel the extra weight on my legs. I have hiked this trail before but it’s worse than I remember. Oh well. I finally make it down and start the long hike to the Kinsmans. It seems to take forever til I make it to South Kinsman but I eventually get there. North Kinsman is easy after that and quite uneventful except for the bunny I see at the top.

diretissima 020 diretissima 021 diretissima 028

My original plan had me tag the peak of Cannon and down the Lonesome Lake and Cascade Brook trails to start on the Liberty Springs trail tomorrow morning. There is no way I can do that tonight. My new goal is to get to the Lonesome Lake trail junction and camp there. At midnight I figure I’m close enough and pretty tired so I start looking for a flat spot. I find something next to the trail that with my two food bags underneath the bottom of my sleeping pad is actually quite comfortable.

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